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  • Trigger Point therapy and Deep Tissue Massage

    I have used trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to relieve pain and aches from over 1 thousand athletes.

  • Lessons for 15 muscles

    I talk in this course about 15 of the muscles in the body that I believe are the reason for most pain and injuries.

  • 3 Magic Muscles

    The three muscles in the body that I have found to be correlated to over 60 percent of the problems clients see me for.

Did you know?

  • Massage and a good understanding of the body can drastically improve the health of the muscles, your performance and recovery. Massage can also help to rehab injuries and prevent them.

  • Massage has been around for thousands of years and practiced in many tribes and cultures.

  • We should be able to resolve most of the aches and pains we have with our two hands, or perhaps a friends hands. But, we don’t need a pro often times.. you just need a little know how and some practice.


James Barbosa

I am James Barbosa, Athletes Massage Therapist. I ave worked as a massage therapist for 6 years and I have helped over 2 thousand athletes. I have also served 12 years in the Army National Guard and I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, DC riots, Baltimore riots and 3 state emergency snow storms. My mission now is to teach everyone about massage therapy. Massage has been around since the beginning of time. Massage at one point was something practice all around the world as a basic human skill in some cases. I know the power of massage and I want to share it with you. Let's go!


  • Is this course acredited?

    No, this course is not accredited. This course is simply for educational purpose. You should never use this course as any type of credential.

  • What if I hurt someone while massaging them?

    Communication is vital when massaging. You should keep an open line of communication with your friend, family or client. If you do, you should be fine. However, if anyone does get hurt see a doctor.

  • Why should I learn massage?

    Massage should be in everyones life routine. From relaxation to pain management, massage has tremendous value. If you were to learn some basics in massage it will help you better understand your own body and how to manage it. You will also be able to help those you care about.

Course curriculum

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    • Introduction

    • Intro Video

  • 2

    The Basics

  • 3

    The Magic Muscles

  • 4

    The Neck

    • The Neck Intro

    • SCM Video

    • SCM Image

    • SCM TPG

    • Levators Video

    • Levators Image

    • Levators TPG

    • Check on Learning

  • 5

    The Back

    • The Back Intro

    • Rear Rotators Video

    • Rear Rotators Image

    • Rear Rotators TPG

    • Erectors Video

    • Erectors Image

    • Erectors TPG

    • Lats Video

    • Lats Image

    • Lats TPG

    • Check on Learning

  • 6


    • POP QUIZ

  • 7

    The Hips

    • The Hips Intro

    • TFL Video

    • TFL

    • TFL TPG

    • Check on Learning

  • 8

    The Legs

    • Legs Intro

    • Quads Video

    • Quads Image

    • Quads TPG

    • Hamstrings Video

    • Hamstrings Image

    • Hamstrings TPG

    • Calves Video

    • Calves Image

    • Calves TPG

    • Check on Learning

  • 9

    The Forgotten Muscles

    • The Forgotten Muscles Intro

    • Pecs Video

    • Pecs Image

    • Glutes Video

    • The Forgotten Muscles TPG

    • Check on Learning

  • 10

    The Bonus

    • Bonus Intro

    • Biceps Video

    • Biceps Image

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    Check on Learning- Pre Final

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    Final Quiz

    • Final quiz

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    Closing Comments

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